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Study Introduction

Paul safely escapes shipwreck only to have a snake come out of the fire and bite him. Instead of panicking or making a big show of how \'bullet proof\' he was, the Apostle simply goes about the business of serving God. It\'s a great lesson for us when we face adversity.

The Apostle Paul is thrown into (literally) a very tough spot while on his way to possible execution in Rome. Why does God allow turmoil upon turmoil in our lives and how can he use it for His (and our) good?

We learn from the Apostle Paul that as we mature as a Christian it becomes less about us and what we get and more about the Lord and what we give for Him, including ourselves.

The Apostle Paul has put himself in harms way and now stands before a Roman court. Thanks to the Lord working through other people, he is bold to share his faith - a boldness we can have too.

What do you do when you know trouble is coming? Do you run the other way as fast as you can? Paul didn\'t and his example helps us when we face difficulty or when those close to us face trials.

Sometimes in the face of difficulty we need some encouragement to stay the course. That\'s what Paul gives us as we prepares for a very difficult time in his life.

Finally after years of struggle, Paul sees victory after victory, even amidst tough opposition in Ephesus. It is an affirmation of his apostleship. What happens as God begins to work more through you than on you?

Do you ever find yourself in a place where nothing is going right? The Apostle Paul came to Corinth in just such a state. Learn how God brought him help and fellowship just when he needed it.

The philosophers of Paul\'s day are not really that much different from what we see in the world around us in a post-Christian society. How Paul addressed them can help us in dealing with people who collect thoughts like Matchbox cars.

When God\'s Word is communicated, the state of your mind can greatly affect how your heart receives what God is saying. We have the first part in a discussion from Acts 17 on the ways the Bible is communicated and received.

Do you ever get into a situation where you are trying to follow God\'s will but things just don\'t seem to work out? If so, you are in good company. Find out how the Lord used a pinball to guide Paul, and you!

Whether your dispute is with another believer or with a whole church, there are vital lessons to handling conflict contained in Acts 15. Learn how to find God\'s will, keep your integrity, and still be a family.

When faced with adversity, our tendency is to panic, take our hands off the wheel, and just let it happen to us. We see in the example of Paul and Barnabas that God is in control no matter what happens and that as long as you can share the gospel you can move forward.

The Lord slowly moved Saul from enemy of the gospel to Paul, a full-fledged missionary with a message to the Gentiles. How does God move us out into ministry for Him? Learn some lessons from Paul and Barnabas.

Peter gets throne into prison but God gets him out. It\'s in part thanks to earnest prayers of the saints. Just how does prayer work into the will of God in our lives?

Are you a person who resists change or seeks it? Peter and Cornelius were two such people. Learn how God intervened to bring truth and life to each.\r\n

Does life happen to you or do you happen to life? See how Philip adjusted to changing life circumstances and how learning from him can help us cope too.

The greatest man or woman of God can perform the most menial tasks willingly. Plus, the most lowly of jobs can actually be the most mighty works for God if you combine two things: wisdom and God\'s Spirit. Learn how it worked in the life of Stephen.

Some today proclaim that the church is an archaic thing of the past and that the church Jesus envisioned isn\'t anything like church as we know it today. So let\'s go back and examine what church is really supposed to be. And it\'s all summed up on one word.

Perhaps you think you understand the Holy Spirit. Maybe you think you\'ve seen His work on Christian TV. To fully understand the Spirit\'s role in the church and in your life you need to listen to this message.