Study Introduction

If you look at it one way, Jesus came from a very dysfunctional family and a dysfunctional family line. If God has set about to save the world, shouldn\'t He have made things a little better along the way? Actually, it\'s really a cool part of God\'s salvation plan.

Many times we think of Mary\'s role in the birth of Jesus, but Matthew records the difficult road Joseph had to travel in protecting this little life that the enemy wanted to snuff out.

How do you know God is about to do a work in your life? Watch the signs and what to look out for as Israel prepares for its Messiah.

One of the most difficult things for a Christian is to resist temptation. Satan brings temptations to us and tries to make it easy and logical for us to fulfill legitimate needs. Jesus shows us just how crafty he is, and how to resist.

The Beatitudes (it means \'blessing\') are probably the most famous words Jesus uttered. They are also among the most mis-understood. To understand the Beatitudes we need to know Jesus person and His mission.

Jesus, in his first words at length in Matthew\'s gospel, tells us how we can make a difference in the world around us, and how impossible it is to please God on our own.

If you think you do pretty well with relationships, you might want to take a listen at Jesus\' words in this portion of the Sermon on the Mount. We think it is about lust and divorce and promises - but it\'s really about making, keeping, and fixing broken relationships.

There is a way to do wonderful things for God and fade into the background. Our human nature wants to get the credit and be the focus. Our godly nature tells us otherwise. Learn how to be an active part of God\'s plan by disappearing.

Did you know that this age seeks to distract you from becoming like the Lord and serving in His story? Plenty and want are two sides of the same coin and they seek to keep us from freely loving and being used by God. Find out how to beat them at their own game!

This portion of Matthew is one of the most misquoted and misunderstood parts of the Bible. Jesus isn\'t talking about political correctness but about correctly presenting the story of sin and salvation.

Pretty much everyone under the right circumstances prays. The key question is are you praying to the right person in a way that they will hear you and respond? Learn some important key ingredients to powerful prayer.

Who you listen to matters. It determines who you belong to - who owns you. We can choose the easy road or the hard one, depending on who we listen to. Does it really matter what road we take. Absolutely!

You may feel like you don\'t deserve God\'s love. You may have walked away from Him or have areas of your life that you don\'t want Him to see. Today\'s study should be a huge encouragement to you to seek out the One who is willing to touch you just the way you are and cleanse you!

We as humans have a hard time giving up control of anything, but in order to find the abundant life Jesus offers, we must cede authority of our lives to Him, even if that means going into choppy waters.

Jesus tweaks the argument of who is in control just a little bit to introduce the real sickness in mankind - sin. He is in control of that too. Are you willing to give Him control over your total cleansing from evil?

How many times do we go through our lives thinking we have it all together, only to encounter a crisis that blows us away? Life is a lot more tenuous that we like to think. But into that crisis comes One who says \'do not fear, only believe.\' Are you willing?

Want to be a part of bringing God\'s love to the world but think you have to be a missionary to the jungles of Africa to do it? Think again. Share the gospel without speaking a word.

Ever think that you could never be a missionary? Think again. Just as Jesus sent out His 12, He sends you out as an undercover operative in hostile territory to spread His love. Find out how and how to be prepared for your mission!\r\n

Have you ever stopped to consider what you expect from Him? A helper, a rescuer from your troubles, a self-help guru, someone that thinks like you? In this chapter Jesus punctures the expectations of others and ask that you really listen to Him.

A lot of people have had questions about the purpose of the Sabbath. Jesus takes it head on and reveals a lot about how we should live our lives.