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Study Introduction

Are you looking for short term fixes to your life or long term solutions? Are you looking for a leader to get you out of a jam or a savior to bring you into peace?

Was Jesus born in a wooden stable surrounded by wisemen and shepherds? Check out this study for the real facts of the first Christmas and how to help your holiday be more merry.

Saul gets his big test as king and he fails. Why did he fail and what can we learn from his failure as we face our big tests?

You may appear as if you have it all together but inside be disabled spiritually. Jesus meets two people and shares with them how to become abled. Which group are you in?

Saul gets his first test in a personal crisis. Israel gets busted on demanding a king, yet God shows his grace and mercy - a lesson for us when we blow it.

Do you ever feel like you have to keep everyone at arms length because you just don\'t trust them? Perhaps you feel like who you are is just not acceptable. Jesus comes to such a person in John 4 and engages them in a patient yet revealing dialog that changes them forever.

Saul was everything that is attractive to us: tall, young, handsome, rich, and powerful. Yet was he God\'s king or man\'s?

A man comes to Jesus with an open heart and mind. The Lord reveals to him some of the most amazing truths found in the Bible. Is it time you had a good, honest, talk with God?

Israel wanted to be like all the nations around them but when they demanded a king they got what they wanted, not what they needed. Sometimes we make that same error as well.

We all have expectations of who Jesus is and what He is about. Are yours correct? Jesus

When the Ark of the Covenant fell into the hands of the Philistines it was more than they could handle. God shows us some great object lessons about who he is compared to the gods of this world.

How do respond to a change in your environment? When Jesus comes on the scene he forces us to think in new ways. Learn how his early disciples dealt with the coming of a big change: the Messiah.

How well do we listen when God speaks? Samuel did, but the elders of Israel did not and it led to a tragic mistake.

When the Pharisees approach John the Baptist demanding to know his credentials John never responds with who he is, but who he knows and who he represents. Learn the value of being an agent for Jesus Christ.

We see the two sides of leadership: the bad in the sons of Eli, and the good in God preparing Samuel to be a godly leader.

You might have a lot of questions about who Jesus Christ really is. John helps us understand the voice from the heavens. Are you ready to listen?

Hannah was brought very low in many ways, but in her time of desperation God moved in a powerful way. We need to not underestimate what He can do in us through times of trouble either.

How much risk have you taken in your relationship with God? In the final chapters of Ruth we learn how far and how anxious God is to have a relationship with us and what commitment he makes to us.

Learn how the Old Testament sacrifices tie into our New Testament worship, and look at two people who gave us wonderful examples of worship from the Scriptures as we conclude this three part series on worship.

Even when we feel we don\'t deserve it, God shows us loving kindness and opens the fields of his riches for us to enjoy.