Study Introduction

Ever wonder what crucifixion was really like, and why God chose the cross for Christ's death? We explore some of the symbolism and history of the cross.

Jesus takes time to reveal the resurrection to His disciples, with an empty tomb, a Bible study, and a personal visit - just as He reveals His new life to those that seek Him. \r\n

Joshua is a book about being an everyday hero, about trusting God\\'s might above our sight. In this introduction we learn how God prepared Joshua to face his battles, and how God prepares us to face ours.

Tom & Margaret Fuller detail their mission trip to Kenya.

God gives Joshua a promise, His presence, and a proclamation of victory over the enemy. God does the same for us as we prepare to lead the victorious Christian life.

Rahab tied a scarlet cord from her window, part of a wonderful picture God paints of sin, salvation, and purification.

Rahab lived in a doomed city, but she reached out in faith to the enemy, to become one of them, and find salvation.

Before God took the children of Israel into the Promised Land they needed to commit to Him, with no turning back. God, in turn, provided a way to do the impossible. When God calls us and we step out for Him, he comes through for us too.

In the crossing of the Jordan God gives us nine principals for discovering the will of God in stepping out for Him to do His work.

God told Joshua to destroy the Canaanites. Why did they deserve to be destroyed and has God ever done this again? It's a controversial subject with an important spiritual point.

Before Joshua can go into battle the Lord has to cut away the flesh, provide new life, new food, and show who the real boss is. Before we can have victory in Christ we must go through the same thing.

God weakened the Israelites right before they went into battle through circumcision. God sometimes weakens us just when we think we need to be strong so that He can be strong through us

Learn about how the world poses a threat like Jericho to victory in our Christian life and how God brings those walls down.

Using the battle with Jericho as an example, learn how God takes down worldly attitudes in our lives as Christians

The three things that trip up Christians after major victories for the Lord are arrogance, independence, and giving into the flesh. Learn how we can actually become our own worst enemy and how to stop it!

Learn how we justify giving into temptation and how to fight sin and temptation in our lives.

Do you ever feel like you are damaged goods and God can\\'t use you because of your sin and weakness? That may actually be a sly plot of the devil, but God is great about turning your mistakes in His victory as He did for Joshua.

When things look like they are going your way, it is very good to stop and take perspective about who is really doing the work in you and who you serve and what God has done for you.

Satan won\\'t play dead for long as we grow in our maturity for the Lord. Learn how Joshua and Israel was fooled by a sly enemy, and how not to be fooled by Satan.

Sometimes the enemy comes to us and makes a choice seem like a good thing. We need to avoid the mistakes of Joshua and make sure that the opportunity isn't really a temptation.