Study Introduction

I think many of us struggle with the direction of our lives

How his accusers acted, and how Paul responded can teach us lessons when we face trials

To escape means to use your own power to avoid trouble. Deliverance means God uses His power to take you out of trouble. It

How do you react when tragedy strikes? Do you get mad at God? Do you panic? This section of Acts teaches us how to keep calm and see God in the midst of terrible circumstances

Today we are going to learn about the process of getting life from death. Not physical life, like new skin, but spiritual life, springing up from the work God is doing inside of us.

Peter identifies five character traits that he wants swept away in the cleanout of your spiritual garage. All involve the way we treat other people

We like to joke about how our jobs are like slave labor

Learn the true way husbands and wives, men and women should relate to each other

We need an attitude adjustment

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Just like physical tools will rust if not kept clean and dry

The sellers of spiritual poison are all around us

Peter wants us to do three things: Have a right mind, Have a right perspective, and Live a right life

Love, true love, does not exist apart from God