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Job concludes with God more than giving back to Job all that he had taken away.

The Lord turns the questioning to Job.

The Lord continues to bring Job and his friends to task.

After all the hot air spoken by men, God finally enters into the debate and brings His knowledge!

Elihu is the last to speak before the powerful words of a rebuking God answer all the human wisdom passed off as truth arrives.

Elihu thinks he has it all together when he confronts Job. He says that God repays a person for his deeds and that\'s why Job suffers. He\'s got it all wrong!

Job finishes his defense.

These chapters of Job provide some great Scriptural evidence of the creation by showing an accurate view of the planet and its systems.

Job decides that his best shot is to come before God to hear His voice.

Job expresses confusion about the person of God in light of his calamities.