Living The Good Life

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Study Introduction

Prayer is like the long range artillery or the predator drone for the Christian. We can use it to gain intelligence about the enemy or disrupt his tactics in preparation for us to come in to share the gospel.

Fighting the Lord?s battle against an unseen enemy is impossible without protection and weapons of your own. To understand better exactly what those pieces of armor mean to the Christian life, we look to the Old Testament and to the gospel.

What is the belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness? Find out what these parts of the Armor of God have to do with the lives we live everyday.

What is our spiritual battle as Christians? Is it chasing after demons and shooting them with spiritual laser weapons? Actually it?s not like that at all. Learn what true spiritual battle is and how it ties into the rest of Ephesians.

These days it seems there is a great gulf between managers and employees. Workers feel more like slaves than ever before and managers feel that disconnection but don?t know how to fix it. The Apostle Paul offers sage advice that also fits in the overall theme of reflecting the character of God.

How can you parent today in a way that helps spread the gospel? How can being a kid help lead people to Christ? As Paul delves into the subject of parents and kids at home, it?s pretty clear that following God in the home means influencing others for the gospel.

If you thought you knew what Paul meant as a model for the marriage relationship, you will likely be shocked, then amazed at what a deeper look at Ephesians 5 reveals. Open your heart and mind to be blown away by the real way marriage should work.

In Ephesians 4 and 5 Paul speaks a lot about our thinking patterns, and how they should change once we come to Jesus. Here Paul describes why we should think differently, how that difference comes about, and how it is expressed in the Christian community.

How do you win people for Christ? One way, according to Paul, is simply live life in the light. One example he gives is to not fall into thinking about, talking about, or participating in sex outside of the way God designed.

How important are the words you use? As it turns out, the kind of words we speak to each other can make God sad, or happy. It?s up to us to decide whether we want to be an agent of healing or hurting. If you struggle with anger, you will want to see or hear this message.

Paul begins the really practical portion of Ephesians. But we should not get sidetracked with the do?s and don?ts. This letter is about love, and even the practical application of what the new life of a believer is about, is also about love.

This is one of the most important keys to growing in your life with God. Our thinking patterns are what determine our words and actions. Paul talks about the differences between this age thinking and kingdom age thinking and how to get it!

The one thing you don?t want to have happen when you are sailing is for the mast to point down instead of up. But we Christians are in danger of that exact thing depending on what we listen to and believe.

We hear this thing called unity a lot. But what does it really mean and why is it central to my part in the body of Christ? You may be surprised to learn what Christian unity is really about.

So God gave us new life in Jesus. So what? What kind of life is this and when do we get it? Pastor Tom Fuller gives us clues as to what and how to live the new life here on earth.

What would you ask for if you could have unlimited power from God? Paul reveals the key to that prayer, and the key to the entire rest of the book of Ephesians.

Why do bad things happen to people who belong to God? Answering this question can provide real hope and purpose when you undergo tragedy and trauma. Pastor Tom helps us understand how God works in times of extreme trouble through the words and life of the Apostle Paul.

Paul is about explaining our new connection to God in Jesus the Messiah. How that extends to Jews and Gentiles is an amazing story of taking the wrecking ball to old things and building something new and exciting in us!

If you thought adventures here in this age were exciting, just wait until you see what God has in store for you. He has done two things to you who trust in Jesus that set you up for an eternity of fun and excitement.

The truth about God is either a total bummer or a tremendous blessing. Which will it be for you depends on how you respond to Paul's message in Ephesians 2.