Colossians: Jesus the King in God's Kingdom

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Study Introduction

In the final verses of Paul?s letter to the Colossians, the Apostle uses real life examples of what he?s been talking about in his letter. We also sum up this epistle and give you some hints of how to avoid the two big pitfalls of Christian maturity.

What?s the purpose in all of this transformation of character that Paul?s been talking about in Colossians? A very important purpose and very important direction for every single Christian.

There are three important questions you need to ask about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Did it really happen - what does resurrection look like - and why is the resurrection important to me?

Are you the same person at home or work as you are at church? Sadly, many times we are not. So what kind of character should we have in our close personal relationships? Paul gives us some great examples that we look at in a new way.

What should life be like the body of Christ? Paul gives us the final four of the five great principles outlined in Colossians 3. If we allow the Holy Spirit to work these character traits into our lives we will experience much growth and life in our churches.

Once you start dealing a death blow to the old nature - what do you replace it with? Paul begins the next section of Colossians with the first of five great principles for living a redeemed life.

How do get rid of the old nature as a Christian? Most of us struggle our whole lives. Paul the Apostle gives us four clear steps we can take to allow the Holy Spirit to continue to transform us from ?this age? type thinking, to thinking like a citizen of heaven.

If you are a raised person - someone that believes in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior - what next? How can you go on living here and also live in the reality of the resurrection? Paul gives us some great direction beginning in Colossians 3.

There were two major parts of the Colossian heresy. Both are alive and well and living in churches today. What are they and how can we make sure not to fall into them?

What was the nature of the Colossian heresy and why is it important for the church today? The two major areas of the heresy are actually rampant today and pose a great danger to Christians. Find out Part 1 in this study.

The Colossian and Laodicean churches were suffering from bad teaching. You might think you are immune but if you are not very careful, heresy can creep in, poisoning your mind without you even knowing it. How to be on the watch? Paul has some advice.

Many people claim to love God when they are really enemies. Many people claim to believe in Jesus but the Jesus they believe in is made up and won?t help them at all. So how can we be at peace with God? Paul has the answer.

Who is Jesus? This is the central question of all humanity and will determine your eternal destiny. But do you really know who He is? The Apostle Paul gives us some very clear pictures of who Jesus is.

Do you feel insignificant or unimportant to God and His kingdom? If so, be encouraged by Paul?s message to the little and seemingly unimportant church at Colossae. It was a church that was so important to God that when threatened by bad doctrine, God caused Paul to write them a special message?a message we can benefit from greatly.