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Study Introduction

Peter blew it, that\'s for certain. He denied the Lord three times. But in Chapter 21 we see the gentle way Jesus restores Peter to fellowship and purpose. He does the same for us.

The reality of the resurrection dawned slowly on those involved. Each was missing a crucial piece of the story. How does Jesus put the story of His new life together for you?

Most of us know the crucifixion story and what it means. But have you ever considered what Jesus was thinking and feeling on the cross? It may surprise and comfort you.

Six groups or individuals think they can handle Jesus. Their reactions are similar to ours when we encounter the truth of Jesus Christ. Which group are you in?

What is on Jesus\' heart when he prays for himself, and for you? How could this change your prayers?

As followers of Jesus we all have difficulties that face us in life. In John 16 Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit comes to help us not only overcome but be at peace when life feels anything but peaceful. We just need to reach into the bag!

Jesus moves from talking about being in the vine to abiding in his love, words, and joy. Learn about what it means to have so much of Jesus in you that you just can\'t keep it in any more!

Jesus uses the picture of a vineyard to teach us about how to have real life, good fruit and benefit from the Lord pruning our lives.\r\n

Many of your ideas about the Holy Spirit are wrong. What is the real role and purpose of Jesus representative on earth in your life?

Jesus\' disciples are more than a little anxious about his declaration that he was going and somewhere they couldn\'t follow yet. He reveals a wonderful promise of hope to all of us who feel this place is not our home either.

Are you ashamed to be served by Jesus? Be careful how you answer. As Jesus demonstrates what real love is, he also recoils at real betrayal.\r\n

This chapter provides some real contrasts between real and trumped up worship, real belief and real betrayal. It is all a part of preparing Jesus for the cross and preparing us to receive him.

Jesus feels our trials a lot more than we give him credit for. We beg God to answer and when it doesn\'t happen we think we did something wrong or God doesn\'t care. Jesus here reveals a greater purpose for our difficulties.

Sheep hear the particular voice of their shepherd. They respond to it and follow him. Jesus is calling. Are you listening?

A blind man who gets sight and insight, and religious leaders who think they understand but are blind! Learn how to cope with the Lord waiting to answer prayers.\r\n

How well do you know Jesus, really? Jesus probes some Jews who say they believe but don\'t. Jesus says the truth will set us free, but sometimes we are speaking a different language and so can\'t understand what he is saying at first.

Just how much does Jesus know about you and what does he do with that information? A woman and some Pharisees find out but his response is very different between those who need forgiveness and those who want it.

Often times where someone comes from or how they sound alters how we hear them. This was the case for those hearing Jesus. But if you really listen to his words they do deeper than you can image.

If there is any source of real lasting life anywhere other than in Jesus the Bread of Life then you should take it. But is there?

Are you looking for short term fixes to your life or long term solutions? Are you looking for a leader to get you out of a jam or a savior to bring you into peace?