Lessons In How Not To Be A Christian

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Study Introduction

Often times as a Christian we think that what we do only affects us. In reality the body of Christ is an intertwined unit and who we are and what we do does indeed impact others for good or not. With that in mind, the Apostle Paul gives some parting but very important advice on how to live a maturing life in Christ.

Do you ever hear those commercials for beds where they are giving big discounts on last year\'s model when the only difference is the fabric? As we study the second half of 1st Corinthians 15, we will look at our new model of resurrected body. But it\'s far more than just a change on the surface. What does looking forward to that model change mean to us as we live in this life\'s model?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is at the very heart of Christianity. If there was no resurrection then there is no Christianity. Period. Want to know why it is so important? Paul\'s got that answer.

There is a great deal of controversy today about the use of spiritual gifts in the body of Christ. Many more charismatic denominations feature 1st Corinthians 14 as a way of encouraging the use of spiritual gifts, but a close reading of the passage doesn\'t seem to follow with that we see practiced--the opposite in fact. Today we\'ll try to bring some understanding of the proper role of the Spirit in the church.

As we come to the end of our series on love we learn that true love \'goes the distance.\' Love does not have limits, nor will it ever end. So how do you get this love flowing through your life? We also learn that a person who wants to mature in their faith will want to grow in true love.

When it comes to studying about love, it is easy to feel under the pile because no human can measure up to the standard of love in 1 Corinthians 13 - and that\'s because it is God\'s standard. Thanks be to God that he makes us able, as we give our lives, hopes, desires, attitudes, and actions over to His Holy Spirit!

If you think you understand what real love is, think again. 1 Corinthians 13 is not a bunch of feel goodisms, but delves deeply into the character of a mature person in Christ. Are you ready?

True love is a lot deeper than any of us imagine. Understanding it is probably the most important key to growing as a Christian.

As humans we like two things: to impress and be impressive. That was one of the main problems the Corinthians faced in many areas including spiritual gifts. The more flamboyant the gift, the more impressive the show of the Spirit, the better.

If you think you understand the nature and purpose of spiritual gifts, you may want to check out this study.

Divisions are never good in the body of Christ. But when the divisions take place over a celebration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, things get serious real fast. In this lesson, we learn about avoiding the things that separate us, and clinging to that which makes us one.

1st Corinthians 11 is one of the most controversial and misunderstood sections of Paul\'s writings. We\'ll explore it using culture, context, character, and language to find out what Paul is and is not saying to the Corinthians and to us today.

We have a lot of sources that would like us to imitate them: sports stars, movie stars, politicians, movers and shakers, even religious icons and leaders. Though we know we should imitate Jesus Christ, it is often hard for us to do that because He isn\'t here among us. So what to do? Paul gives us some help, and further advice on making the character we reflect the most effective for the gospel.

Though so often we start out with such good intentions, things happen in our life to trip us up from serving God. What are those things and how can we avoid them?

Sometimes we feel like God has to completely change us in order to use us. Paul shows us that God takes the background, weaknesses, and even difficulties and uses them for His kingdom, if we let Him.

What\'s permissible for me to do once I believe in Jesus Christ? The answer to that question is actually tied up in how Jesus wants to use you in spreading the gospel. Learn in this lesson how to put His love above your freedom.

When we experience new life in Jesus Christ we might think a change in our external appearance, position, or circumstances will make us more useful to the Master. But you might just miss out on one of the greatest opportunities available to you.

There are many misunderstandings about Paul\'s words on marriage and divorce. Looking at them in the context of the situation they were written in, and context of our purpose as redeemed humans offers us some real wisdom.

Is there something in your life that if it was taken away your life could not go on? Is there something you just can\'t stop doing? You may be addicted. In fact, even many Christians are addicted to something they are not even aware of - the flesh. How to combat it and get free is our subject.

What happens when Christians disagree? If it is reasoning from the Scriptures about the Word, that\'s one thing. But when believers quarrel often it can be a sign of immaturity. When they try to resolve those disputes in front of the world, the gospel is threatened.