Study Introduction

God wants our minds to be prepared for the news about what He?s done with Jesus. Have you carefully considered His claims? As we begin Luke?s gospel we learn that the writer was very precise, accurate, and careful in presenting the facts. Are you ready to reason with God over who Jesus is?

How do you approach hearing from God? How do you react when God does things you don?t expect? In this section of Luke we see two very different reactions to God from two very close people: Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth.

How often do we react badly when the going gets rough? We can take a lesson from a 12-14 year old girl named Mary. When presented with the presence of the supernatural and the prediction of what surely would be difficulty, this young woman responded beautifully.

Mary was a deep thinker. She pondered and tried to figure out things people told her. When Gabriel gave her the news of a lifetime, Mary thought about, then proclaimed some very important things about the baby inside her that reveal as much about Mary as Jesus.

A man who had been filled with bitterness and disbelief now becomes God’s attention-getting mouthpiece when his son John is born. And what a message Zechariah brings—one that really focuses on the coming salvation of God.

Luke 2 has been overlaid with some much Christmas tradition that it?s hard to hear and comprehend what actually happened and why God brought it about in this way, but it gives hope to us all who encounter difficulties on the way to doing God?s will.

Mary and Joseph presented Jesus to the Lord. There were five things that took place on that day, and these very five things take place in our lives when we give ourselves to Jesus.

When is a good time to start serving God? When is a good time to stop? In the life of Jesus we see examples of the very young and the very old right in exactly the right place doing what God wanted them to do.

Trying to convince a drunk person they are inebriated is nearly impossible. But many of us humans use false ways of satisfying true needs and up drunk spiritually, and unaware of our true needs and unprepared for how God wants to fulfill them. John the Baptist calls us out to get us in a Messiah state of mind.

Jesus as a man first enters the stage as John the Baptist is preparing the people for His arrival. How He enters His ministry is important for us in getting to know what the Messiah is really doing in our lives.

Temptation hits us all. As soon as Jesus was anointed for His ministry He too was tempted. How it came about and how Jesus handled it gives us insight into the nature of temptation and real ways to combat it in our own lives.

We all have needs. But what you may not realize is that the unfelt need may be the very thing God wants to touch. As Jesus declared His Messiahship in front of a hometown crowd, they ignored the unfelt need in their lives. How about you?

How do you respond to Jesus? In Luke 4 we see two very different responses to His touch. We see a demon cry out to leave him alone because it knows Him. Then we see Peter?s mother-in-law serve Him in response to rebuking a fever. He has the authority, but how you respond to that authority makes all the difference.

As Jesus demonstrates his power over creation and His holiness - it brings about a sense of awe and fear in humans that encounter Him. Jesus reveals the thread of forgiveness that is more powerful than sin, disease, and our lack. The question is, how far will you go to trust Him with your all?

Are you sick and don?t even know it? This time as we study Luke?s gospel we see two groups of people: one who realized they needed a healer and something more in life and another who was also sick but didn?t realize it. Knowing your illness is step one in finding a cure.

There are many things that are legal in our culture that are not in God?s. Even in Jesus? day there many activities the religious leaders found to be illegal that Jesus says are actually vital and required to have God?s character.

Christians have an opportunity afforded to no one else. When you find out about it at first you might think this isn?t something very positive. But when you realize what?s at stake in the lives of others you understand that it?s totally worth it.

You've heard the saying: "Judge not, lest ye be judged". So what does that mean, really? You might be surprised and delighted - and challenged.

There's an old saying: "Don't judge a book by its cover." We're often guilty of that when it comes to judging people by what group they belong to, their political beliefs, how they look and the people they hang out with. Jesus encounters a man who would have been hated by most Jews except for his softness of heart towards Yahweh. It gives us valuable lessons in how to love the unlovable.

Ever find yourself dazed and confused when it comes to Jesus Christ? Have so many told you so much that it seems you know nothing at all? You?re in luck because some folks found themselves in very similar situations and there are some clear answers, free from all the muck thrown around today. Check it out.