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Learn what lust really is and how to beat it

In this study we look in depth at the character Jesus wants to create in us, in feelings, commitments, and conflict. Learn how to manage your anger.

What are the beatitudes, really? Learn the true meaning behind what is probably the most famous section in the Bible.

What is an encounter with Jesus really like? As Jesus receives His calling, we learn how to receive ours as well.

Learn how the enemy tempts us and how to resist. And learn the difference between temptation and sin.

As Jesus takes on His public ministry He gives us insight into how we can serve Him

Why do you worship God? We learn some lessons on worship from the Wise Men who came to give gifts to Jesus. Their attitude may not be what you expected.

We learn why Matthew wrote the gospel and what it reveals about Jesus the King. Did you know that He has a plan for your life as well?

How do you pray with power? James gives us the secret to connecting with God. It might surprise you how much of yourself it takes - giving up what you want, to give God room to do what He wants.

What do you rely on to get by? Are the foundations of your life secure? What would happen to you if something catastrophic and unanticipated took place? James tells us how to cope with catastrophes both large and small through patience.

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Why do we fight? Why do we get upset when things don't go our way or we don't get what we want? The answer can be found in James chapter 4. Learn how to manage expectations and manage emotions when things start to heat up.

Today we talk about what happens when we look outward at other people

We treat Christianity like a game

Many times we think trials are there to punish us - we've done something wrong and that's why times are tough. But in reality, God designs difficulties to accomplish certain things. James sheds light on the real purpose for trials.

Sometimes we treat God like He is some kind of cosmic genie. That if we say the right words or do the right things then He

Fear is something we all deal with