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The Colossians were a small church in a small town, yet some very evil things had come into their midst and threatened to derail their entire ministry. The new doctrines floating around seemed harmless enough but they moved the people away from the deity of Jesus and into dangerous waters. This type of thing is rampant today in the church and we need to be aware of it and how to combat it in our lives and in our churches.

For many the Bible is nothing more than a dusty piece of literature that is hard to understand, follow, and communicate. In this series we explore what the Bible is really saying, how to read it and actually talk about it to others in a way that makes sense.

We study the letters of Paul to the Thessalonians as they struggle with doubts about the gospel and about the future.

In a world where action heroes are idolized by young and old alike. In a world where the idea of rescuing from evil peril is echoed in comic books, movies, and video games. In a world where we know innately that we need a hero -- in steps Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero.


In the Gospel of Mark, we see Jesus moving, rescuing, healing, and giving of Himself in the ultimate rescue of humanity. In a world where we all need love, we have Someone who is willing to wade deeply into our misery and rescue us: Jesus!

Only a year and a half after founding the church at Corinth, the Apostle Paul received troubling news: this new flock was breaking apart into factions and being assimilated back into the wordly culture that they had so recently escaped.


Corinth was, in fact, God's problem church. Far from being a theological manual, Paul's letter bears his frustrations and corrections.


The issues Corinth faced are very relevant in today's post-Christian society. Many affect the your church today. In this series we learn lessons on how NOT to do church, and along the way we get some great encouragements in the love of God and hope through Jesus Christ.

In the Garden of Eden, the human race turned its back on God and messed up the universe in the process. But God, through Jesus, has given us new life and the ability to think, feel, speak, and act like we were initially intended. In this series with Pastor Tom Fuller, we learn what Christ has done and how to apply that treasure-trove of goodness in our lives today.

Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians prepares them for what's ahead in terms of Earth's final days, the enemy's plots and the Lord's final victory. 

One of the most difficult things Christians struggle with is wanting to please God by obeying His Law. When does that move from wanting to be like God to trying to make ourselves perfect by our own efforts. You probably struggle with it even if you aren't aware of it. In this series through Galatians we see how Paul identifies three areas of struggle with legalism: who you are, what you do, and what group you belong to. My prayer is that you will find true freedom to be like God by letting Him do it in you!

Paul felt connected to the Philippian church like no other. They had many things in common, the most important of which was the gospel of Jesus. Despite difficult circumstances, Paul rejoices over his brothers and sistersin Philippi. As we explore this book, we learn how the power of fellowship, especially in Christ, can help us too to find joy in our lives.

Tom Fuller

More than just Israel's worship hymnbook, the Psalms are a look at the heart and emotion of the Psalmist and of God.

Luke plays the role of investigative journalist, historian, and interviewer - setting about to answer the question of who is Jesus?