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Study Introduction

Have you ever wanted to understand God? This study will help you as well as reveal something about your eternal destiny that will blow your mind.

What does it really mean to be redeemed? Every Christian, every person needs to understand this vital concept. Your eternal destiny hangs on this idea.

Even after you come to know Jesus we often feel that though God may love us because of Jesus, He doesn?t like us very well. Learn the truth about how God feels about you and the destiny He has for you.

How is that God knew whom He was going to choose before the universe began? And how does that speak to God's fairness?

We often rely on our senses and even our emotions to tell us what?s real. Paul, as he begins the letter to the Ephesians, tells of a reality more real than you have ever known, with advantages far greater than anything this age has to offer, and it?s all in Jesus.

God designed for humans to think, feel, speak, and act in certain ways. As a race we have walked away from that and messed up the universe. God, through Jesus, has hit the reset button on our lives, giving us hope for a better life.

Approaching a new year, Pastor Tom looks back at our journey through the Psalms and pulls out five key elements from the Psalms for help us find true happiness.

Most of the time we think of Christmas as a time of joy. But to those who experienced the first Christmas, fear was the prevailing emotion, at least at first. How do we see this and how can it help us when we fear?

Pastor Tom shares a short fictional account of the birth of Jesus as seen through the eyes of a shepherd tending his flock near Bethlehem and Joseph, arriving in the small village with Mary. This deeply personal and emotional story will give you a new perspective on Christmas.\r\n

In the final four psalms we see God?s majesty, power, and mercy. We also see the power of praise to rebuild ourselves and fight against the enemy.

When we come into relationship with God through Jesus we are conscripted into an army and there is a powerful foe that considers us enemy combatants. God enters us into boot camp to provide training to withstand whatever this enemy throws our way.

A now famous saying in our culture is ?Git ?r done!? It suggests getting the job done whatever the cost. But God is much more interested in how we think, speak, and act, than in what we accomplish.

Life can be very dangerous - there are political dangers, dangers in creation, in our bodies, and even our minds conspire against us. Learn how God works to restore His purposes in a dangerous world.

Sometimes we feel like we cannot even lift our heads to a holy God. But these psalms show us how much God loves us despite our mistakes and failures and invites us into a deep relationship with Yahweh.

When you are at the bottom it seems like there is no way up or out. But in the final five songs of ascent, we see that the way is the way of Yahweh.

How do we have a fruitful life - one filled with joy amidst the pressures of this age? These five psalms of assent give us clues as to how God blesses in the midst of pressure.

Living a life dedicated to God can be a dangerous undertaking. There are physical, emotional and even spiritual battles that threaten to take us away from trusting God and being used by Him. These psalms offer hope in that journey.

How often do we go through difficult times, plead to God, but get no answer or things happen we don\'t understand? This portion of Psalm 199 helps us see what God is up to.

Each decision we make in life is not a discrete unit. It is connected in a long chain of decisions that leads in a trajectory either towards the character of the Lord or away from it. This part of Psalm 119 helps us set the right course in life.

The temptations and accusations of the world are like a man-eating plant that wraps its legs around our character and seeks to drag us down. God\'s Word is like the searchlight from a Coast Guard helicopter, coming to rescue us in times of trouble.