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Study Introduction

A lot of folks want to create their own deal with God. We want to fashion our opinion about what God is like and how to reach Him. That makes us feel good, but is it true? Do you want to bank your eternal destiny on something that might be true?

Why do bad things happen to good people? That's a question many of us ask often. A lot times we like to blame God for not caring or not stepping in. The real answer may surprise you and will encourage you to put down deep roots into a relationship with God.

There is a great divide coming where the people of earth will be separated into two camps. Which camp will you be in? It depends on how you answer the questions in today's study in the Gospel of Luke

Of the three central needs every human has, security is perhaps the one that trips us up the most. It?s a God-given need, but how we try to get security trips us up. Jesus cuts through the clutter and helps us understand our true need and how to get it.

There are two big minefields that every Christian must face. The problem of persecution and the problem of popularity. Both can make you ineffective for the Lord. Add to that the Blaspheme of the Holy Spirit - and you have a very lively section of Luke?s gospel!

Who are your superheroes? In Jesus? day they were the Pharisees and Scribes. They controlled the economic, the religious life, and the social life of Israel. Every boy wanted to grow up to be a Pharisee. But Jesus takes them on and reveals not only their fatal flaw, but the fatal flaw in us all - and the answer to that flaw.

John?s account of the resurrection has embedded in it three incredible stories, three encounters with the risen Savior that reveal much about what barriers these three had to belief in Jesus, and what barriers exist for us. Be careful, you just might find your barriers coming down.

When it comes to Good Friday, often we take a serious and somber approach to the day. And it was the greatest injustice ever to occur. But there is something to celebrate as well and that was that Jesus was alone. Sound strange? Give a listen to this message in John.

When it comes to listening to the things Jesus says, how is your reception? Do you put up barriers right away so you don't hear anything? People in Jesus day did the same thing. Learn in this study how Jesus addressed them.

This message can rock your world and revolutionize not only your prayer life but your walk with the Lord and give you a new perspective on trials and your purpose. It all revolves around who God is and what He does in answer to your prayers.

How do you approach God in prayer? Many think that Jesus gave us a script to recite. But the Lord?s Prayer is so much more - and gives us some real clues as to how we relate to God and to ourselves and this age.

Contrary to what you might think, God does not bully Himself into your life. In fact, there is much preparation you need to do in order to have a mind ready to receive the kind of love and character that is God. Want to find out how?

It?s pretty scary thinking about sharing the gospel. Jesus knows that and gives us an example of the types of people we will encounter and the types of opposition, but also the joys of seeing the power of the gospel in action.

There are five big reasons why people don?t commit themselves to Jesus Christ. What are they and how can we avoid them? This is at the heart of the biggest section of Luke?s gospel.

You likely have never looked at these Bible stories in this way before. What are the two main character traits of a human? Jesus reveals the default negative human characteristics and demonstrates how to get rid of them.

Ever wonder what life in the next age is like? We get a glimpse in this portion of Luke. More importantly, we get a tremendous symbolic and significant hand-off of power you have to get!

The Big Three at Christmas can really kill the holiday spirit: decorating, giving, and entertaining. Pastor Tom gives us some practical and spiritual ways to redeem Christmas for the King Jesus.

Deciding whether Jesus is the Messiah is the most important decision you will ever make. Don't you think it's worth serious consideration? Here in Luke's gospel we see the clearest depiction of why it matters.

Have you ever wanted to do something for God? Now?s your chance. Find out what mission He?s sent you on and how to keep your head in the face of opposition.

Fear. We all face it. Fears we can see and fears we can?t. What to do about fear is key to living a full life. There is one way to conquer fear and the secret is in Luke Chapter 8.