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Study Introduction

How can a person be innocent and yet guilty? That’s the dichotomy we find when dealing with the death sentence put on Jesus. Learn some of the hidden truths about those behind the plot to murder the King of Kings

The worst possible circumstances can actually work the best possible good, if we follow the five points for facing the worst that Jesus and His disciples encountered in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Some believe that getting power and authority are ways to satisfaction in life. Others feel they are very wrong. Interestingly, the answer lies somewhere in between. Jesus had a fascinating view on power and authority we can learn from.

Jesus employs some cloak and dagger to hold a very special feast in secret to show His disciples the real meaning behind a feast they had attended every year. What new meaning will it have for you?

When all seemed lost, when Jesus’ enemies had hemmed Him in on all sides and one of His own was about to betray Him - Jesus demonstrates that even the worst evil can be leveraged for the greatest good.

As Jesus is in the midst of talking about conditions on Earth prior to His return, He gives two very important pieces of advice on how to avoid being taken over by the ways of the world.

The Jews thought their system and their city and temple was indestructible. But Jesus was coming to replace a corrupt and bankrupt system with a permanent one. In doing so He warns of coming trouble but everlasting peace in the midst of that trouble.

Something’s got a hold on you. It doesn’t let go easily and can blind you an important reality - more real that what’s around you. How to see it and how to get free of it is the subject of this lesson in Luke’s gospel.

In a series of tag-team matches, the religious leaders of Israel pit themselves against Jesus of Nazareth. Who will win the gold?

There are three key questions each of us must ask when it comes to encountering Jesus. How do you answer?

Some of us invest in the stock market, others in real estate or gold. But have you thought about how much you’ve invested in the gospel? And I’m not talking about financial investment, but investment of yourself - in letting the gospel take root and gain a profit inside you? That’s the focus of today’s study in Luke’s gospel.

The latter half of Luke 18 shows us by contrast two men. One thinks he has it made in this age and the age to come. All he needs is his train ticket to heaven punched. The other has nothing in this age, but recognizes who Jesus is, throws off what little he has and clings to Jesus. Which is going to heaven? Which are you?

When it comes to approaching God there are three vital ingredients to the recipe - three things that if you don’t have them you won’t be in relationship with God. Jesus outlines them in two parables and an encounter. Do you have the ingredients?

Are you prepared for the coming of the King in God’s Kingdom? I think too many of us pretend there is not a God or a coming King. Is it worth the risk, though? Today in Luke 17, Jesus answers some key questions about His coming return and the consequences of not being prepared for it.

There are 5 vital qualities that should be present in the life of every disciple of Jesus. Knowing them can make the difference between a fruitful, maturing disciple and one who struggles.

The parable of Lazarus and the rich man is among the most famous and most troubling stories Jesus told. What warnings does it give and what can we do about it now?

A surface reading of the parable of the unrighteous manager might lead you to believe that Jesus appreciated a crooked man making deals to feather his future. You?d be wrong - but the truth is challenging as we learn of the training program we as disciples are enrolled in.

Us four and no more is a common saying. If you are a Christian, you may have that attitude when it comes to ?outsiders? and not even know it. In three parables, Jesus illuminates for us the true attitude of the Father towards those who are lost.

If you thought you knew the ending to Luke 14, think again. If you thought you had committed your life to Jesus, think again. Here in the final verses of Chapter 14 there is vital information for anyone who cares about their future.

Whether you get to go to heaven can largely depend on your attitude toward yourself and God. Jesus reveals this truth and what to do about it to ensure when God rings the dinner bell, you will have a seat at the table.